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Popular cosmology has a few problems, especially the two  beginning with the word dark,  and a third having a hole.

Cosmology must be about what we can observe.
 This site has several suggestions to help resolve these problems.

The author was forced to retire due to health in late 2016. In late 2018, he committed to research on cosmology,  an interest which began as a child.

Substantial material was accumulated.  In November 2019, he gave LIGO predictions for 3 specific sets of gravitational wave detections because the research revealed their predictable terrestrial source.  The predictions were confirmed by LIGO reports. 
This web site was created in April 2020.
In May 2020, an attempt was made to publish some material on another web site, but the offer was dismissed, because my story is not fully consistent with theirs. My goal was to help make them consistent but the offer was misconstrued.

The author pursued another alternative for airing his views on cosmology, by self-publishing books. The first book was completed in June, 2020, with the second in July.

There is a separate page for the books’ supporting material:

Books by the author

As of July 30, 2020, there are 2 books.  Both are self-published using KBP so both a paperback and Kindle download are available from amazon.

Together, these books are the integration of the author's views on much of cosmology, both where it's been and its future path.

The second book describes the alternatives for a transition to a better cosmology.

This web site contains the source material for both books. All that material remains if someone seeks background  for material in either book.

In the course of writing the two books, additional content was included to mesh the pieces into a coherent narrative.

There is no intent to update the background material because that is just trying to break the book into individual pieces again. The books tell a complete story, but with a separate beginning and ending.

The author continues to post on cosmology topics to Facebook groups. Those posts are archived and remain available through this web site, even those back to 2018.

Main 7 selection has the 7 main suggestions for fixing the fundamental problems in cosmology.  (*)
The critical suggestion is fixing the redshift problem which causes many more.

The redshift problem has an incredibly simple solution, but this mistake has persisted since 1936 when it should have been fixed.

Posts  selection has archive of cosmology related posts to Facebook groups.  (*)

The posts also have suggestions for cosmology. My posts also include observations which often result in the group's exchanges of comments.

Comments  selection has an archive of comments to online topics where allowing comments,  such as a Facebook post or a YouTube video. (*)

Not all online content allows comments. (this basic web site package does not support an exchange of comments here).

I post with my Facebook account which supports messages.

Research selection has material from my research to support the main topics, the posts and the comments to posts on other sites. Several data tables are provided in a pdf for a convenient reference.

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