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Information about the site and its author. This site arose because the author's initial site had a name unrelated to the topics in this site.

Roughly in May, 2000, the site was created for my observations about those 2 closely related topics. I rarely update that site, though I remain concerned with problems in society.

Sometimes, I created a pdf which I attached to a post, so the path used this site for the file. Sometimes a comment was about my apparent use of religion by the site name, so clearly the pdf was ignored. The solution was a different web site, this one.

This site is a creative outlet for the author. Perhaps the following personal story is not appropriate for a public web site, but it has relevance to the site.

In early 2015, I noticed a problem with my left peripheral vision. By late October, my walking was affected. In early November 2016, I was diagnosed with glioblastoma, or GBM. It was in the right frontal lobe and formed on the optic nerve there. The surgery required removal of brain matter. This lobe is the basis of many brain functions, including movement, consciousness, decision making, social interactions, and short term memory. I recognize these impacts in me. Complications resulted in hospitalization again, so I was not and living with family until Spring of 2017. I told my family I might write a book of my unique experience of surviving this long. When untreated, few survive GBM beyond 2 years

As a result of GBM, I am truly disabled with driving prohibited and walking inefficient.

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering. My interests in high school included all available courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics.

My career involved much travel for on-site installations and problem solving of complex electro-mechanical systems driven by layers of software

Upon forced retirement, my passion became research into seeking solutions to apparent problems in cosmology and physics. With my disability, I lack resources for experiments, but the Internet provides the necessary references to draw new conclusions from public data.
My posting activity essentially began in early 2019.

I believe I can use my time productively and contribute to discussions of science. Science is a group activity which depends on interactions in the group.

In July 2021, this site was given a new layout.
The website development tool cannot provide a horizontal navigation bar having more than 5 selections and fitting within the screen width of a cell phone.

The awkward solution is the link near the top of every page.

Created July, 2021
Last change 08/01/2021