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Book 11 RCP or Return to Classical Physics References

References for Return To Classical Physics R, edition dated July 25, 2021

The pdf has several references to Internet pages.

A web page enables a clickable link to a reference.

Here are the page numbers and each reference.

Sometimes, a single page can have more than one reference.

Each line begins with a link showing the page number and its target, which is either:

a typical web page (URL) in html format, or

a pdf file, or
a YouTube (YT) video URL, or
a zip compressed file

Page numbers are in the pdf edition.

3-url - Stephen Crothers

7-url - Absolute time

8-url - Newton's laws of motion

9-url - Newton's law of universal gravitation

11-url - Minkowski Space

11-url - History of special relativity

16 - NASA  changed its crvature graphic since this one from 2019/

19-url -  Electromagnetism

20-url - James Clerk Maxwell

20-url - Coulomb's law's_law

20-url - Magnetic field

20-url - coulomb's law

21-url - Lorentz force

22-YT - Planck's Constant and the Nature of Light

22-url - Planck's Constant and the Nature of Light's_Constant_and_the_Nature_of_Light

25-url - AzCemistry article:

27-url - Bohr model

28-url - Lewis Dot structure

29-url - Valence bond theory

31-url - Standard model

32-url - atomic mass unit dalton

33-url - roton-to-electron mass ratio

37-url - Atomic Mass Unit Definition (AMU)

45-url - mass defect

46-url - Mass Defect

46-url - Nuclear binding energy


48-zip -

50-zip -


52-zip -

53-url - elementary particle

54-url - Electron

54-url - Quark

55-url -Proton

56-url - Neutron

57-url - Neutrino

58-url - Electron Neutrino

58-url - Cowan–Reines neutrino experiment

59-url - Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

61-url - Tau Neutrino

62-url - Muon

69-url - Plasma Pinch

70-YT - Biological Transmutation of Elements

70-YT - Experimental Transmutation of Elements

91-url - quantum defect

92-url- states of matter

93-url - gas

94-url - liquid

95-url - solid

95-url - Chemical Bonds

96-url - Covalent  Bond

97-url - Chemical Kinetics

99-url - proton or neutron rich; can't find the reference...
 100-url - electron capture

101-url - radium

102-url - alpha particle

105-url -  beta decay

110-url - Isaac Newon

110-YT - Why is the speed of light what it is? Maxwell equations visualized

111-YT - What is a field? by Lori Gardi

111-url - Dayton Miller

113-url - Law of Universal Gravitation

121-url - electric field

123-url - matter

123-url - condensed matter physics

124-pdf - JMR building block

124-YT - Sky Scholar channel

125-url - thermodynamics

125-YT- Sly Scholar thermodynamics

125- doppler effect

127-url - Synchrotron Radiation

128-url - thermal radiation

133-url - Compton Scattering

135-url - Particle Pair Production

137-url - Photoelectric Effect

139-url - Molecular Vibration

141-YT - Donald Scott The Electronic Sun Electric Universe 2012

141-YT - Donald Scott: SAFIRE and the Electric Sun | Space News

142-url - HR diagram

142-url - star types

147-url - stellar association

148-url - Sun

154-url - kappa mechanism

159-URL - Ulysses

159-url - Alfven Triumphs Again ( &Again)

161- TBP current pairs

161-YT - "Donald Scott The Electronic Sun Electric Universe 2012"

161-YT - "Donald Scott: SAFIRE and the Electric Sun | Space News"

162-url - NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database

162-url - M31 rotation curve

162-url - M31s Odd Rotation Curve

I beleve in 2019 this video had an English version with this title, but now I can't find it.

162-YT - M31s Odd Rotation Curve

163-url - Twisted magnetic field in galaxy IC 342

164-url - Lyman Alpha Emitter Galaxy

176-url -  BeppoSAX study of many quasars

176-url - Quasistellar Objects: Intervening Absorption Lines

178-url - typical quasar

180-url - Seeing Red is no longer in print, but some  sites offer it as used

182-url - 3C 273

187-  M87 Black hole torus video:

187-YT- Wal Thornhill: Black Hole or Plasmoid? | Space News

189-url - Extinction Shift Principle

190 - YT - Electro-gravity

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