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Book 2 CT or Cosmology Transition References

Cosmology Transition References in the book dated July 17,2020
The paperback has several references to Internet pages.

It is impractical to provide the complete URL for each reference in a paperback.

A web page enables a clickable link to a reference.

Here are the page numbers and each citation.

Sometimes a single page can have more than one reference.

Each line begins with a link showing the page number and its target, which is either

a typical web page (URL) in html format, or

a pdf file, or
a YouTube (YT) video URL.

page numbers are in the paper back edition.

12-url - nobel prize in physics  1970

13-url - Hannes Alfven Facts

16-pdf - ZSolarSys-Data.pdf

18-pdf - ZConstellations.pdf

20-pdf ZExoplanet-Data-K3.pdf

22-pdf - ZGalaxy-Data.pdf

31-url - standard model

32-url - Edwin Kaal: The Proton-Electron Atom — A Proposal for a Structured Atomic Model | EU2017

35-url - lyman series

38-url - differencebetween

39-url - H II Regions

39-url emission nebula

42-url - NGC 604

43-pdf - Forty Lines of Evidence for Condensed Matter -  The Sun on Trial: Liquid Metallic Hydrogen as a Solar Building Block"

46-url - sun

48, 58, 59-url - solar layers

61-url - kappa-mechanism

66-YT - sun is not gaseous

70-url - EU Essential Guide Chapter 7

71-url - CME

72-URL - Ulysses

72-url - Alfven Triumphs Again ( &Again)

76-YT - Donald Scott The Electronic Sun Electric Universe 2012

76-YT - Donald Scott: SAFIRE and the Electric Sun | Space News

79-URL - H-R Diagram

80-url - star types

87- stellar associations

94-url - plasma physics

96-url - Sun

99-url - Heliosphere

102-url - Voyager status

102-YT - Plasma in space experiment English subtitles

104-url - Can stars collide?

105-YT - M10 - Orbits - Deep Sky Videos

107-url - Mystery of Globular Star Clusters' Formation Deepens

111-YT - Sausage globular clusters

111-url - Gaia sausage

112-url - Messier 10

113-url - Richest Globular Cluster Systems

113-url - List of Globular Clusters

114-url - Elliptical Galaxy

121-url - elliptical galaxy M87

122-url - M49

122-url - M49

123-YT-  M49 - Elliptical Galaxy - Deep Sky Videos

124-url - 14 Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy

127-url - Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy

128-url - Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal

129-url -  NGC 4194: A Black Hole in Medusa's Hair

129-url - M82: Chandra Images Torrent of Star Formation

145-url - Spiral Galaxy

147-url - LINER

148-url - LINER galaxy

2019 url invalid in 2020.

152-url - Galactic corona

154-url - The radial velocity measure of nearby galaxies

157-YT - Alfvén's Galactic Circuit

160-url - quasar

161-YT - Thornhill: Black Hole or Plasmoid? | Space News

163-url - BeppoSAX observations of synchrotron X-ray emission from radio quasars

166-url - Quasistellar Objects: Intervening Absorption Lines

167-url - NGC 4258

185-url - Faint Filaments of Universe-Spanning 'Cosmic Web' Finally Found

198-url - Round Craters

199-url- round impact Craters

201-url - Tunguska

201-url - Chelyabinsk

202-url - Tycho

203-url - Tycho

204-url - Lichtenberg figure

207-url Mimas

207-url - Rheasilvia crater

207-url - Stickney crater

209-url - Late Heavy Bombardment

210-url - List of craters in the Solar System

213-url - Jupiter

214-url - Jupiter

215-url - Saturn

216-url - Cassini

219-url - Thunderbolts

222-url - Plasma cosmology

223-url - Suspicious0bservers

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