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Galilean Transformations

After a post in the Paradigm Shift FaceBook group about Carl Sagan's confusion about 2-D world in Flatland, I was tagged about Galilean Transformations.

There are several people aware of Edward Dowdye's Extinction Shift Principle. He has many valid points including a) disposing of relativity, and light bending in an electric field, and b) the hydrogen absorption line red shift caused by the intergalactic medium.

However he proposes the red shift in light can be explained by a Galilean Transformation, where the velocity of the light source affects the velocity of the light emitted.

My reply:

why did you do the reference to G.T.? "Although the transformations are named for Galileo, it is the absolute time and space as conceived by Isaac Newton that provides their domain of definition."

In my view, in Newtonian physics absolute time and space are the context. By anchoring one's coordinate system to a physical point in space as the reference point for the axes, measurements are made in absolute space using absolute time, where "absolute" means independent of the observer. Transformations like from Lorentz are about relative motion between moving observers. They have no anchor in physical space.

<end of my reply>

I have commented many times that the velocity of the light source CANNOT affect the velocity of light. That velocity is driven only by the medium and cannot change by any other mechanism without redefining light from the accepted explanation by James Clerk Maxwell.

In this case, I disagree with Dowdye, who is not conforming to Maxwell's work.