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I am a retired electrical engineer. My EE major was computer science with a minor in mathematics; the program included physics and chemistry. This followed a 2-year Associate degree in Electrical Engineering Technology working with semiconductors and discrete components on student made circuit cards, with subjects  up to transmission lines.
I got the AEET wile working as a welder 5 hours every morning; I got the EE through night school while working full-time at a machine tool company supporting servicemen over the phone with software issues.  Also did training of servicemen and and documents. My career path was able to accumulate diversified experience in many applications of electronics with many programming languages on many platforms.  At the time of my retirement, I consistently traveled over 25 weeks per year integrating the packages of drives, motors, mechanical IO devices, feedback systems, with gear and pulley ratios, and computer systems with many configurable parameters for every feature work on a machine with changeable kinematics (with attachments having motors on them. Linear axes repeated to 1 micron and rotary to 0.001 degree. I was responsible for the machine control logic. Over the years, I worked with several platforms, each with their own parameter sets, and different programming languages. I had the the responsibility for component lists, electrical drawing, final machine testing and operator training (in this market every machine has special features).

Most of my career  was spent with CNC machine tools which offer varying numbers of coordinate systems, for the configuration and for the machine’s part programmer. At the end, I had primary responsibility for confirming the machine matched promised specifications and for training anyone needing to know anything about all or parts of the system, including network integration.

For a span during the above, while my 2 children were born and growing, I worked on complex software applications integrating hardware systems for avionics computers. I enjoyed the challenge of writing several device drivers at the hardware interrupt level for the Digital Equipment Corporation VAX/VMS multiple user systems to interface with these hardware systems. I was responsible for several applications; some were used at multiple facilities and by customers on their equipment. My career always involved an integration of a diverse array of components (both hardware and software) and making sure the system performed correctly.

For a span while working on the machines, I worked on software for coordinate measuring machines (my name is in the DMIS 3.0 international standard for an interface between CMM and CAM systems), and also developed  software for cell controllers which manage parts, tools, fixtures moving between machines to maintain consistent machined part production. This task including redesigning the MIS data base system for higher efficiency.  Part of my second book reflects my experience with data base design on several platforms.

Obviously, much of my career involved coordinate systems so that experience affected my perception of relativity and its application to cosmology.

My retirement was forced by a diagnosis of glioblastoma, a terminal brain cancer at the end of October, 2016.  When untreated the prognosis is 14 months.
My symptoms were the loss of left peripheral vision and less control of my left foot. At the time of the diagnosis I staggered, not walked. I nearly died from complications from chemotherapy, not the cancer, when the initial chemotherapy caused the failure of my bone marrow, so counts of platelets, red and white blood cells went to zero. Many transfusions were needed for many weeks until the marrow recovered to acceptable levels; my red blood cell counts are still below normal.

If anyone is curious for more details of the author, I am the author of another  web site,. the site, a site about social issues. It has an author page with more details.

In 2018 I left the hospital and went home. I needed a mental challenge (I could not resume my routine of biking 20 miles  around Fond du Lac each day after work) so I took on learning cosmology.  I had a 3-inch telescope as a child and I maintained that interest.

Modern cosmology is firmly rooted in Einstein's theory of relativity which is the manipulation of a moving observer's coordinate system. This 4-dimensional coordinate system is called space-time.

I created this web site in late March 2020.  I was posting attachments from my original web site and a first impression on seeing that site name is I am pushing religion.  Anyone reading my cosmology related material will not find a religion angle because there is none to push.

I can claim 2 personal achievements from my research in cosmology:

1) I can explain the mistakes astronomers make with red shifts. I can do it with just the Doppler effect and nothing else, unlike cosmologists.

This mistake results in the complete failure of cosmology with its big bang and an expanding fabric of space. The consequences of this mistake were realized in 1936 but they were just excused away.

2) I can explain how LIGO can claim gravitational wave detections when these waves don't exist.

To me, both mistakes are clear and thoroughly explained.

These 2 are in the Main-7 in this site.

Both pdfs have been posted to Facebook and YouTube as attachments.

I post in Facebook using my name, David Michalets

It remains to be seen whether my suggestions for cosmology will be accepted by others.

Cosmology is ruled by dogma and is not likely to accept change.

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