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Practical Atomic Model Book

David Michalets self-published a book , titled Practical Atomic Model, with 2 formats,  6x9 paperback and Kindle.

Both versions having the same content were written using the Kindle tools so Amazon handles their distribution by print on demand.
 The format is like an outline to present a methodical justification for all conclusions.

The book's details on Amazon:


Practical Atomic Model offers practical explanations for atoms and their behaviors.

All of the evidence supports an atom's electrons are in a defined sequence of circular rings from the nucleus.
Chemists have used these electron configurations for decades. For quantum mechanics to persist in an atomic model, it requires evidence for its crucial claim that an electron's location is uncertain and can be found only by probabilities or from a wave function.

Better explanations are offered here, such as: a) building a stable nucleus using protons and electrons, as affected by the odd or even nucleon counts, b) describing the actions of radioactive decay;
c) suggesting new names for the rings of electrons to suit their configuration; and
d) describing an atom's interactions with light.
The final revision of the book was on 02/10/2021.
created - February, 2021
last change - 02/12/2021