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Inconsistent Black Holes

This story inconsistently calls 8 X-ray point sources only 2 black holes. 6 sources are ignored. That omission becomes very interesting for EUT.

The Chandra story includes both X-ray and optical images.

This story is somewhat similar to my post on September 26 where every X-ray source was claimed to a black hole, and then 4 became 8 when using contour lines to find 4 faint ones. One critical difference in this story is several X-ray point sources were just ignored here.

The story has the two images side-by-side for easy comparison.

This my interpretation of the X-ray image.

There is a strong X-ray source at the core, sounded by diffuse X-ray emissions from a surrounding cloud. However there is a more intense bulge at about 2 o'clock in line with 2 other point sources in that direction.
In a perfect line from the core, at about 2 o-clock are 2 other X-ray points. I will call them X1 (closer) and X2.

Directly above and below the core are 2 faint X-ray points. I will call them X3 (top) and X4.
X4 has a cloud to its right with faint emissions.

near the core at 10 o'clock from the core is a faint X-ray point (X5).
far from the core at 10 o'clock is a bright X-ray point (X6).
Far to the left about 8 o'clock from the core is an intermediate X-ray point (X7).

Far to the lower left from the core is an intermediate X-ray point (X8).
When clicking on the optical to compare, this is observed:

Both X1 and X2 are stars.
X3 is a star at the base of a jet of several stars and clouds in a direction slightly left of straight up.

X3 and X5 are in an inner ring around the core.

X4 is a star at the base of a structure below the core which extends to an arc that curls up at the left and right ends. X4 is also part of a spiral arm that wraps around the core to X3.

X6 is at the left edge of that jet passing through X3.

Both X7 and X8 are stars.

In the Chandra description X6 and its diffused stucture are considered the black hole and its galaxy. This galaxy with X6 core is assumed to be colliding with the main galaxy with the very strong X-ray source at is core.

With the above observations a very different conclusion can arise.

First, X1 X2, X7 and X8  are candidates for ejected objects in line. Quasars are typically bright, but this set is not bright compared to the galaxy so are probably plasmoids.
Perhaps the other forgotten X-ray sources at X3, X4, X5  are either plasmoids or probably stars very bright in X-ray.

X6 and its accompanying structure are more likely a plasmoid or star within a structure which is part of the main galaxy so then X6 is not in a separate galaxy colliding with the first.

In this interpretation there is no collision but just one spiral galaxy with distorted arms and with several plasmoids.

As with my September 26 post I prefer an explanation without a collision.

FYI: Sci-news has a story about this galaxy titled 'Medusa Merger: Hubble Captures Stunning Galaxy Collision'
Oddly, its image is upside down compared to this story's image, but its image offers more detail than this image. I assume  that image is oriented wrong because this optical aligned with the X-ray.

The sci-news story image is zoomed easily making it worthwhile for anyone interested beyond this one.

After this post and my earlier one, I suspect many X-ray sources are being explained incorrectly.