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Observing Our Universe post

I have been posting to EUT for over a year. Some should have noticed.

I compiled some of my material into a pair, both kindle and paperback, titled Observing Our Universe.

Everything in cosmology comes down to the context of our observation. It is usually on, or in orbit around, our Earth.

I am upsetting the apple cart of cosmology. so I expect some will take issue with the my discordant conclusion.. The format is like an outline to present a methodical justification for all conclusions.

Either the 6x9 paperback or Kindle explains the need for cosmology to change.

It might be difficult to get someone to read a book which requires a restart of their fundamental understanding of our universe, being taught for nearly a century.

Many careers based on wrong conclusions can be affected based on the distribution of the 2 formats of the book.

Both have the same content written with Kindle Book Publishing so Amazon owns the material and handles its distribution by print on demand.

I anxiously await  seeing how this work, when having such consequences, is received.

I am not selling a book with this post. I am just saying there is an interesting one available today.