Cosmology Views

Problems in cosmology

 Problems in cosmology with confirmation bias, discrepancies, uncertainties, and inadequate data sets (some lacking enough data points or they were not corrected)

This 45 minute discussion includes frank comments about cosmologists not questioning  data and conclusions when the goal is often just confirming current assumptions.

I expect each person listening to this video will catch different remarks.

If I provide excerpts then I am showing my bias. If I pick any, each has a context.

If you have the time, the comments by the 2 people are enlightening about the state of cosmology, its crisis with the hubble constant, the assumed uniform expansion by dark energy, where an independent analysis of supernova data draws a different conclusion, and the importance of the CMB.
I felt my time spent with this was worthwhile to hear how popular cosmology is dealing with its problems.


After posting:

After watching this interview it is clear some in this scientific community are privately aware of many problems. The public is unaware of this persistent confusion. Instead of fixing the situation, each individual focuses on a specific task despite the unstable framework for their efforts.