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An Individual's View of the Electric Universe

I started posting to this Electric Universe Theory group around April,  2019 or a year ago. I have no connection with the Thunderbolts Project (TBP). In February I was disappointed to discover I see the EU differently than TBP. On 2/26/2020 Space News had a video for the TBP quasar theory. I honestly saw it as just wrong for several reasons. I described my reasons in a  post titled Quasar Quandary on 2/27/2020.
I post to this group because I believe we are trying to understand an Electric Universe.
I see EU has an enterprise involving many in an effort to  replace cosmology's wrong basis in relativity with something better. Hannes Alfven, Anthony Peratt, Halton Arp, and others have demonstrated popular cosmology (PC) is wrong in some basic assumptions. Electromagnetic forces cannot be ignoed like done in space-time.
Many of my posts to EUT point out problems in PC.

Several of my posts provided material for others to understand the direction EU is taking (as I see it).

Without substantial funding (and with little media coverage) the task for EU to replace PC is difficult.
The results of the SAFIRE project verifies EU is on the right track.

On one hand EU does not have every cosmological observation explained yet, but on the other hand PC certainly does not either. Nearly every new discovery with new observations is a complete surprise for PC. The development of a new cosmology starts with initial critical assumptions as its foundation so these must be correct. For a valid cosmology new observations should allow filling in the details, not starting over each time because assumptions are found to be wrong.

When Hubble showed there were galaxies beyond our Milky Way in 1922, cosmologists apparently chose to start with relativity as their basis.

For me, EU is on the right track but it needs help getting to its destination of a better, complete cosmology. We are working on the details because many new observations are not so surprising when using EU assumptions.

I see the discord with Peratt as an issue with some details for assumptions above the basis in plasma physics,  but the destination of an electric universe cosmology (of whatever name)  is still shared.

For those interested in my individual 'unapproved by TBP' view on EU cosmology, here is my web site, offering an archive of the more important suggestions for cosmology in general with a few for EU via EUT.

When searching the internet for EU related topics some anti-EU hits will result. In each case, reading them easily reveals their mistakes but it takes time to refute every individual argument.

Certainty in popular cosmology  is closed minded and will eventually be overturned by negligent claims simply because every surprise has the potential to reveal basic flaws.

There are too many badly explained mistakes with the dark pair at the top of the list.

The media circus for the M87 image avoided the necessary attention on what is really there, but instead was on what was claimed there.

I had hoped exposing LIGO as a fraud might be helpful, as the first domino to fall,  but it is a sideshow, though its claims and awards were about basic assumptions in physics.

One could expect the Parker solar probe to expose mistakes in the fusion model but confirmation bias prevails and conflicting data will probably avoid public attention.

This is a challenging game when the other side controls the table.

It has taken decades to get to the Structured Atomic Model, to overcome wrong basic assumptions in quantum physics.

We have been studying galaxies for 100 years  but starting with wrong basic assumptions resulting in drastic mistakes (I have posted about this calamity and crisis in cosmology).
Cosmology will take an effort by many to explain them better.

Being a person on chemotherapy for over 3 years I am susceptible to certain unnamed dangers.

Perhaps some of this site's material will be useful to others, as I continue to seek new topics to post.


Someone commented to the post about a cult.

My reply:

Rather than cult, I prefer the word dogma.

Henry Bauer wrote the excellent book Dogmatism in Science and Medicine.
which describes this widespread problem, published in 2012.

Its subtitle:
How dominant Theories Monopolize Research and Stifle the Truth.

Perhaps you agree that subtitle captures cosmology.