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Relativity of Gravity

Yesterday I discovered 3 works by Justin Jacobs:

1) Relativity of Gravity

2) The Day the Universe Stopped Expanding

(3) Relativity of Light

They are apparently from 2019. He does not have another online presence beyond these 3 sites (that I could find).

(1) observes physics and relativity rely on the correct interpretation  of free fall acceleration.  Galileo's Tower of Pisa experiment affected all interpretations of gravity, including Einstein's theory of relativity.

The pdf is 198 pages and describes the history of theories of gravity.

Figure 1 on page 11 puts that Galileo experiment at the bottom of the Gravitational House of Cards.

(2) observes the galaxy red shifts are not proven to be a galaxy velocity.

The pdf is 111 pages and concludes this failure means there is no justification for an expanding universe.

I have posted  many times on this red shift problem, including my 29 page pdf titled Clarifying Redshifts.

We both noted the problem arose from Hubble's conclusion of a red shift to distance relationship clearly indicating a galaxy red shift is not a velocity. The origin of this relationship is not described.

My document makes the case using actual spectrum samples and includes quasars and blue shifts, noting the red and blue shifts come from calcium and hydrogen atoms in the IGM.

(3) expounds on the Theory of Relativity.

The pdf is 1167 pages and I have not read it thoroughly.

Chapter 41 on page 1042 is a Letter from the Author dated July 8, 2009

Re: The Empirical Invalidity of Einstein’s Special Relativity,


Our 42-chapter treatise, Relativity of Light, explains in great detail what Einstein was trying to accomplish with his Special Theory of Relativity, and why almost all of it is empirically invalid. The first 33 chapters are now in semi-final draft form, are published on the web, and are ready for critical review. This has been a 10-year project.

(excerpt end)

I expect others will find these documents interesting; they explicitly involve gravity, so they are relevant to EU which presents an alternative to a popular cosmology driven by gravity.