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Absurd Gravitational Wave Background

I recently learned of the search for a gravitational wave background. The GW nonsense is proliferating.

Wikipedia even has a topic for it. The attached 2017 paper is cited in that topic.

excerpt from paper:

The total rate of merger events from the population of stellar-mass binary black holes of which GW150914 and GW151226 are members can be estimated by multiplying the local rate estimate of 9–240 Gpc-3 /year (Abbott et al. 2016g) by the comoving volume out to some large redshift, e.g., z ∼ 6. This yields a total rate of binary black hole mergers between  ∼ 1 per minute and a few per hour. Since the duration of each merger signal in the sensitive band of a LIGO-like detector is of order a few tenths of a second to  ∼ 1 s, the duty cycle (the fraction of time that the signal is “on” in the data) is  ≪ 1. This means that the combined signal from such a population of binary black holes will be “popcorn-like”, with the majority of the individual signals being too weak to individually detect. Since the arrival times of the merger signals are randomly-distributed, the combined signal from the population of binary black holes is itself random—it is an example of a stochastic background of gravitational radiation.

The fact that this [GW0914] event was observed only in gravitational waves—and not in electromagnetic waves—illustrates the complementarity and potential for new discoveries that comes with the opening of the gravitational-wave window onto the universe.

(excerpt end)


"the merger signals are randomly-distributed" is just wrong. LIGO detections follow earth tide events and are most certainly not random.

A group in 2016 somehow calculated "a total rate of binary black hole mergers between 1 per minute and a few per hour."

For  such a sustained rate one could expect there must be more black holes than stars.

The recognized lack of confirmation of the GW  with an observation in electromagnetic waves is significant. This lack means the GW claim has no evidence.

This lack is a failure. Instead, the mistake 'opens a window onto the universe.'

This is a detachment from reality, when a failure to have evidence is an opportunity to study the lack of evidence because those GW must still exist.
This is a bizarre twist of the scientific method.

In November 2019 I verified LIGO declares 1 or more gravitational wave (GW) detections for an earth tide. I gave that  prediction and confirmation  to  the LIGO Scientific Collaboration group and the results to  NSF  in December.

Despite this unveiling of LIGO's incompetence  for failing to catch its mistake, GW remains an accepted phenomenon. Because LIGO in its O3 observing run is increasing the rate of its unverified GW claims, predictions for BH-BH mergers at 1 per minute are proposed. New studies are looking for so many gravitational waves they become a background. 

These background waves having no readily identifiable source could be characterized as noise.
They are literally  looking for a non-existent GW in the background noise of many of them.

LIGO, just by itself, is disturbing rational physics.

Until LIGO is stopped, the consequences of false GW can get only more ridiculous.