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Time And Location Of The Big Bang

Big bang cosmologists can identify the precise time and location of the big bang event.

The time is known to the public but not the location.

If the precise location were revealed then the reputation and careers of those cosmologists are in danger.

The location can be revealed here.

According to Wikipedia:

Vesto Melvin Slipher was an American astronomer who performed the first measurements of radial velocities for galaxies. He was the first to discover that distant galaxies are redshifted. He was also the first to relate these redshifts to velocity.

(excerpt end)

In 1936, Edwin Hubble noted, based on galaxy spectra at the time, our Local Group is on an island separate from the Hubble Flow.

His conclusion was based on the inconsistent red and blue shifts found within the Local Group. For example, M31 and M33 are blue shited by calcium atoms in the line of sight, or in the intergalactic medium.

The more distant galaxies beyond our Local Group had red shifted hydrogen absorption lines proportional to distance. The intergalactic medium (IGM) was affecting the distant galaxy spectrum.

Hubble recognized this inconsistency for galaxies relative to our Local Group. The effect of the IGM has been known since 1936.

A study of the galaxy with the highest redshift (z > 11) concluded its  hydrogen red shift is from hydrogen atoms in the IGM.

Despite some knowing of this IGM cause of redshifts, astronomers continue to assign galaxy red shifts to a velocity; this is a mistake with consequences.

Because the red shift is not from the galaxy both its assigned velocity and derived distance cannot be justified. The universe expansion cannot be justified.

A galaxy spectrum can reveal nothing about a transverse velocity. That motion must be determined from monitoring the motion of individual stars over a span of time long enough to measure a change in its position.

As far as I know, this exercise has been performed using HST for only 3 galaxies: M31  and both Magellanic Clouds. M31 had no observed transverse motion in the selected individual stars. Both Magellanic Clouds have an observed transverse velocity for the selected stars.

Galaxies with a blue shift are within the Local Group or in its vicinity.

One could create a 3-D plot of the velocity vectors for all the distant galaxies.

At this time there are no known galaxies other than the Magellanic Clouds with a transverse velocity. For all others, the galaxy motion is only in the direction of Earth.

All those vectors converge on a single point in the universe, the planet Earth.

The big bang event is assumed to provide the initial velocity for all objects in the universe. Distant galaxies are moving in the direction from their origin.

The precise location for the big bang event must be at the planet Earth. This follows from the mistake with redshifts.

The time of this event is also very precise.

from Wikipedia:

In physical cosmology, the age of the universe is the time elapsed since the Big Bang. The current measurement of the age of the universe is around 13.8 billion years (as of 2015) – 13.799±0.021 billion years within the Lambda-CDM concordance model.The uncertainty has been narrowed down to 20 million years, based on a number of studies which all gave extremely similar figures for the age.

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The narrow precision of this age is laughable.

A meeting of cosmologists in July 2019 could not agree on a precise value of Hubble's constant so it remains uncertain in a 'range of a few percent.'
An uncertainty of only 20 million  compared to 13.8 billion cannot be justified when the rather uncertain Hubble's constant is crucial in this age estimate.

Right now, big bang cosmologists can describe very precisely the time and location of the big bang event as:

Time: 13.799 billion years ± 20 million years

Location: planet Earth

If this conclusion were widely publicized, big bang cosmologists could have a credibility problem.

The Earth centered universe of Ptolemy and others was discarded long ago.

Big bang cosmology returned the Earth to the center of the universe.

If everyone knew this result, perhaps its adherents would fix their mistakes.