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America Before Velikovsky

Graham Hancock published the book titled "America Before",
with the subtitle: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization.

I recommend the book and I hope I can be forgiven for revealing some details which really should be read in the book. My hard cover copy is 592 pages so to say there are many details is a severe understatement.

Joe Rogan interviewed Hancock many times, in his YouTube videos.

Some of these can be found by searching with the number after the #

Joe Rogan Experience #

#1284 in 2019
#872 in 2017
#961 in 2017
#725 in 2016
#551 in 2015
#417 in 2014
#142 in 2013
#360 in 2013

Graham was on other non-numbered episodes.

I don't know how many are familiar with the Younger Dryas. This is an event of global warming that marked the end of the last global ice age.
People survived this cataclysm and apparently made monuments  afterward, all over the world. This event spanned only a few years.

Graham is not an astrophysicist and proposes a massive solar CME hit the Earth causing this abrupt meltdown, and many sheltered in caves where they carved images.

This event was around 13,000 years ago, so it predates Velikovsky's work.

Velikovsky could not know of the ancient civilization in the Amazon, which is being revealed only in recent decades.

The works of Velikovsky covered civilizations spanning around the globe. He did not mention several in the American hemisphere dating back over 10,000 years ago.

I believe it takes awhile to grasp all the detailsin a book at almost 600 pages, but I found it very interesting. Perhaps some in EUT will also.

I posted this because I just saw (June 2020) Ben Davidson of SuspiciousObservers do an interview  with Randall Carlson, in a YouTube titled:

The Sun & Earth Catastrophe | Randall Carlson/Ben Davidson

Randall has also done interviews with Joe Rogan and has worked with Graham.

Among those Joe Rogan episodes:

#501 in 2014

#961 in 2017

#606 in 2015

Graham has details on several important civilizations of  varying capabilities but they share an incentive for solar solstice monuments.

This just a conjecture which requires research to put it together:

Perhaps these monuments to the Summer Solstice were  a demonstration of  celestial order in the universe.

a) some monuments were  constructed  after the Sun replaced Saturn which was the original most important light.

b) the monument confirmed the "new" Sun was consistent - and so it was stable, after the chaos.

Ben had Dr. Robitaille present at OTF2017, so maybe electric cosmology is converging with plasma cosmology.

date posted 0803/2020