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Plasma AND Gravity

I get a strong impression that Thunderbolts is trying to dismiss gravity as a relevant force affecting the cosmos. Certainly, it is magnitudes weaker than the electric force. However, on some scales, like our solar system, gravity has a role when the bodies achieve electrical balance with their environment, like the Earth's ionosphere. Comets do this also, and their orbit is driven by the force of gravity, not the electric force. Has TBP forgotten this? Even "electric comets" orbit around the solar system's center of gravity.

I feel TBP is over-reacting from a cosmology ignoring the electric force to a cosmology ignoring the gravity force. In my opinion, relativity is problematic in physics, not an apparent emphasis on gravity. Relativity uses only gravity for curvature. TBP has missed the source of the wrong skewing of forces.

This is the TBP video, which I discovered yesterday, that prompted this post:

One of the points being emphasized by TBP is the importance of the viewpoint. I agree. However, TBP might be missing the wider view, after I watched their video.

I hope TBP is not limiting their scope to only beyond our solar system.