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Predicting Gravitational Wave Detections

Many of my Facebook friends and members of the cosmology groups I post to might recall my May 12 post titled LIGO Legacy which included a free pdf.
This pdf listed all of LIGO's history from design, through initial and subsequent GW detections. including my successful November 2019 prediction of GW detections, so it revealed how LIGO never detected what was claimed includng very elaborate descriptions. LIGO actually reacts to the tidal pull from the Moon or Sun.

When looking at the many books written about gravitational waves (GW) including title and description (I bought none of them), all those I found assume a GW is real. There were no deviations from consensus.

Unfortunately for those authors, there is no gravitational wave and LIGO never detected one, despite their widely publicized claims which never had proper evidence.

For a new alternative in this arena of books about gravitational waves, I just self-published my book titled, Predicting Gravitational Wave Detections.

The book's title directly implies a GW is predictable.  When its source is claimed by LIGO to be anywhere in the universe, a prediction should be impossible.

Anyone who knows of gravitational waves might be curious how they can be predicted, just from the title.

I used Kindle Direct Publishing so the book is available only from Amazon in either paperback or Kindle download. I cannot distribute this book; only Amazon can.

This post began with a reference to my May 2021 post titled LIGO Legacy. The May post included a link to a free pdf.

That post's pdf content was changed to suit this new title and narrative, so much of this new book's content has been seen by those who read the free pdf in that May post.
Now, I want a book with a title and content as an obvious alternative to the others being written about GW.

I can accept the possibility no one will buy my book in the next decade. My motivation is putting it into the Amazon arena of books on this topic, for others to notice, as an alternative to the others, regardless of a purchase. The book's description is always ready on Amazon, even  with no purchase.

For those who missed my May 12 post LIGO Legacy, here is a link to its archive.

The post has the link to the free pdf.

Here is my new LIGO-related book on Amazon, where its description is always available for the curious.

Again, much of the book is from the LIGO Legacy free pdf. I am seeking information distribution, not book sales. Book royalties from Amazon are trivial, but putting a book or Kindle in Amazon is important with its market domination. Just a book, its title, and its description,  can be useful in this effort. By including a link to the book in Amazon, you can freely review the market of GW books, starting with this link.

In my opinion, LIGO is important to the electric universe cosmology. Tis is why I write books and posts about LIGO.

When LIGO is discredited, then its associated nonsense can also collapse. When the EU explanations of a black hole and neutron star are presented, then the recipient clearly sees there are still scientists doing real science, unlike LIGO and the lazy cosmologists who incorrectly accepted LIGO without doubt or question.

date posted 10/22/2021