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 LIGO Changes its history Again

On June 29, 2121, LIGO changed the claimed merger source  of 2 GW detections reported rearlier. Both events also had a name change. LIGO claims these BH-NS mergers were confirmed.

These details are from the Wikipedia topic for LIGO:

List of gravitational wave observations

The first GW being changed by LIGO was reported on Jan. 5,2020

GW200105ae had its source as BH-BH.

The new name on this date is GW200105 with a new source of  BH-NS

GW200105 has this comment:

First event confirmed to be a black hole and neutron star merger. Originally designated S200105ae.

The second GW being changed was reported on on  Jan. 15, 2020

Both its name and source changed.

S200115j had its source as BH-BH

Now the new name of the event on this date is GW200115

GW200115 has its source as BH-NS with this comment:

Second event confirmed to be a black hole and neutron star merger. Originally designated S200115j.

For those who have not read my LIGO Legacy, wihich is a free pdf containing the entire history of LIGO through April 2021 or 2 months before this latest change by LIGO to its history:

Jan.5, 2020 was a perihelion, the exact date of GW200105

Jan.13, 2020 was a pergee, only 2 days before GW200115

If these 2 events were truly confirmed then there should be a news story about each. I found this story on CNN which covers both events:

'Pac-Man' in space: Black holes gobble up neutron stars in first evidence of a rare celestial event

If you read the article, the evidence for these 2 events is so simple: LIGO claimed to detect 2 of them but separately.
That's the entire evidence which is so convincing that LIGO can claim confirmation.

Wow! and Wow!

Apparently, CNN and the scientific community tolerate  the blatant violation of the scientific method by LIGO when its elaborate claims have absolutely no evidence for their fantasy story spun with so many unverified details including the precise pair in the merger.

date posted 11/10/2021