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Taking LIGO to the House

I know the title is a misuse of sports slang, but it is accurate.

Unfortunately, I do not expect a high score from my action.

On November 11, I sent the following message to the US House of Representatives  Committee on Science, Space & Technology. Their web page allows citizens to submit their concerns. I used that message mechanism.

This committee has oversight of the National Science Foundation, so LIGO must be covered as well.

I have been perturbed by LIGO since late 2019, when I discovered Sabine Hossenfelder's blog post about the LIGO deception. In August 2017, LIGO was quite unethical  when a never detected gravitational wave  was fabricated to match a GRB location and then its time set to before the reported gamma ray burst. LIGO had not reported a GW before the GRB, but LIGO altered email time-stamps, data, charts, and figures to match the paper's narrative. This paper enabled LIGO to get a Nobel Prize for a fabricated event.

This unethical behavior should have consequences, but I have seen none for the LIGO team. I am poking this House committee to determine whether they will react in some appropriate manner.

(start message)

The NSF provides resources to the LIGO project. NSF will continue  on this wrong track with non-existent  gravitational waves with the NANOGrav project. NANOGrav assumes LIGO detected all that it claims.

Unfortunately, LIGO never detected anything it claimed. A whistleblower in Germany revealed in 2019 that LIGO fabricated the data and charts for its documents which earned a Nobel Prize.
Sabine Hossenfelder is a popular physicist in Europe, with both a blog and frequent YouTube videos. She mentioned that story in a post to her blog  on Sept. 4, 2019. Therefore, those who follow Sabine know of LIGO's deception. Anyone in the world can access Sabine's work.
In early 2019, I realized LIGO does not know the true source of the ripples they claim to detect. All occur based on lunar and solar alignments. This coincidence should have been expected by LIGO but was not. The first GW was 2 days after a New Moon; the second GW was on the day of the New Moon in the following month. In November 2019, when knowing the predictable terrestrial source of the ripples LIGO reacts to, I predicted a set of detections in the coming weeks. All were confirmed by LIGO maintaining its mistake by claiming these events being predicted (based on the position of the Moon and Sun), were a GW from a very distant merger.

In May, 2021 I created a pdf explaining how LIGO never detected anything it claimed. I identified  the  specific events of Moon and Sun which triggered all 97 of LIGO's GW detections but with their incorrect remote source from LIGO. There is no real gravitational wave, despite false claims by others. Even Einstein and Eddington voiced their doubts in the 1930's. Below is my post  to several FaceBook groups.

Many are told LIGO's claims are an advancement of science, with no dissenting voice.

Because all of LIGO's claims are false, proper science has been derailed. With the substantial damage already done by accepting LIGO, it will take substantial effort to return physics to its proper course.

Some sciennces are losing credibility with the public. In the particular case of LIGO, any mistrust is justified when the entire project offers no contribution to science, other than being a new benchmark for a complete failure for science, when no one took action to avert the disaster. After Sabine's start,  many are learning about LIGO's deception.

I emailed the NSF transparency office on 11/23/2019  with my predictions having confirmation, a short history of GW detections, and my conclusion that LIGO is not detecting what it claims. I noticed no public reaction from NSF or LIGO, though LIGO deleted from its Facebook page all the Nov. and Dec. 2019 posts which had my comments having my predictions and confirmations.

With this message, I will see if the House Committee on Science, Space & Technology can take action on LIGO and NSF from a position of oversight.

This post from May has my description of the legacy of LIGO, when outrageous claims lacking evidence were accepted by the scientific community. The post ends with a link to my pdf which details the history of LIGO.

(end message)

At the end but not included here, I provided my personal contact information.

I could have said much more, like my book about LIGO, but I expect someone will call me with questions before anyone takes action. Depending on the staff member's expertise in plasma physics (like: both a black hole and neutron star are plasmoids, not supermassive bodies as assumed by many cosmologists) , I expect any conversation about LIGO will be challenging.
date posted 11/13/2021