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 Veritassium's Faux Expansion

I submitted the following  comment to Veritassium's YouTube video titled

What Actually Expands In An Expanding Universe?


The video concentrates on a hypothetical photon, and some theoretical behaviors.

Unfortunately, the big mistake is in exactly how we measure a redshift for a particular object.

The video never shows the actual spectrum from a galaxy or quasar to see where the stated redshift velocity came from. It's misleading and wrong to use redshift as just a photon, or just a number, without explaining how it is measured.

Without that background, this hypothetical meandering explains nothing of the origin of an expanding universe.

My book Cosmology Crisis Cleared (published on Amazon), identifies the fundamental mistake causing the failure of cosmologists to agree on a value for Hubble's Constant. After 92 years of trying, this is a crisis.

To clear this crisis in cosmology:
Astronomers must recognize every galaxy and quasar has its velocity measured incorrectly.

This is because they are measured just like a star in the Milky Way.

The velocity of a galaxy or quasar CANNOT be measured in a spectrum like a star. The 3 spectra are too different. Only a star of the 3 has a photosphere surface for attaching atoms.

In the video, absorption lines are mentioned.  These lines apply only to a star including our Sun, but never to a galaxy or quasar. When not a star, all absorption and emission lines are from atoms in the line of sight. It is a major mistake to assume any shift of these lines apply to the huge, bright object behind the atoms.
One should note there are many galaxies and quasars with a high z value. Protons can be superluminal, but not massive galaxies and quasars. Every z>1 is the proton's velocity when capturing an electron, becoming a hydrogen atom and emitting the Lyman-alpha line.

For all galaxies and quasars, the mistake is we measure the velocity of only atoms in the line of sight. We never measure the velocity of the primary object behind those atoms.

I can explain why the method being used since the first redshift measurement in 1912 is wrong. Unfortunately, its use persists to this day.  That is the main reason why some still believe in a ridiculous, expanding universe, based on the stretching of its invisible, undetectable fabric. This is the wrong explanation for consistently wrong velocities.

The book analyzed over 600 galaxies.
Many galaxies have their spectra presented to reveal the process of obtaining their velocity and distance.
The consequences of this measurement mistake on cosmology are severe.
The wrong velocity values drive many theories, so they must be revised after getting correct velocity measurements.

Among the theories affected are the universe expansion and the big bang.

I didn't provide a link to Amazon for the book, because I have stated its important conclusion. The lines in a spectrum can be used only when the light source is a star with its photosphere surface. I am not trying to sell a book, but I want to fix this fundamental mistake in measuring velocities and the ridiculous expansion. The book is there for those wanting the detailed evidence, in 271 pages.


The rest of this post is just more comments which were not sent with the above..

The Veritassium video is a child-like misrepresentation of redshifts.

By showing a fictional spectrum from a star and no real spectra like from galaxies, the entire explanation of real redshifts is so wrong. There is no spectrum from a galaxy exhibiting an entire spectrum shift as described here, including the cosmological redshift, which violates the conservation of energy.

His site has 11M subscribers and this video has 2.4M views, his audience enjoys his simple graphics. Someone commented about the rocket which must have been used in others.

Wikipedia says Derek Muller has a PhD but does not identify the discipline.

With this video, he clearly presents the consensus big bang cosmology with no deviations.

After a full day passing, my comment has no replies. I expect his huge audience rarely encounters dissent.

date posted 12/02/2021