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Lingering LIGO Lunacy

Today is January 4. On January 1, 2022, I sent this message to the US House Committee on Science, Space & Technology, using their citizen complaint form. This committee manages the National Science Foundation. NSF funds the large scientific research projects.

(start 1/1/2022 message)
On November 11,2021 I submitted this message (repeated below) to this committee. I have received no response  as of today, January 1, 2022, or 6 weeks later.
I hope to get a response from this committee in 2022.

I had expected at least a form letter, so I knew the message was received.

Since I received no response, I must submit the message again because this a very important situation where the US Congress is funding a large project, which has no evidence for its claims.
Even worse, a whistleblower in Europe revealed LIGO is literally lying about its claims.

I believe this committee should react to such unethical behavior in a critical research project.

Not only is Congress being deceived by LIGO, but the scientific community as well.

NSF is not helping advance science, but by not holding LIGO accountable for scientific misconduct, this NSF project is damaging the progress of science.

(start message from November)

The NSF provides resources to the LIGO project. NSF will continue on this wrong track with non-existent,  gravitational waves with the NANOGrav project. NANOGrav assumes LIGO detected all that it claims.

Unfortunately, LIGO never detected anything it claimed. A whistleblower in Germany revealed in 2019 that LIGO fabricated the data and charts for its documents which earned a Nobel Prize.
Sabine Hossenfelder is a popular physicist in Europe, with both a blog and frequent YouTube videos. She mentioned that story in a post to her blog on Sept. 4, 2019. Therefore, those who follow Sabine know of LIGO's deception. Anyone in the world can access Sabine's work.
In early 2019, I realized LIGO does not know the true source of the ripples they claim to detect. All occur based on lunar and solar alignments. This coincidence should have been expected by LIGO but was not. The first GW was 2 days after a New Moon; the second GW was on the day of the New Moon in the following month. In November 2019, when knowing the predictable terrestrial source of the ripples LIGO reacts to, I predicted a set of detections in the coming weeks. All were confirmed by LIGO maintaining its mistake by claiming these events being predicted (based on the position of the Moon and Sun), were a GW from a very distant merger.

In May, 2021 I created a pdf explaining how LIGO never detected anything it claimed. I identified the specific events of Moon and Sun which triggered all 97 of LIGO's GW detections but with their incorrect remote source from LIGO. There is no real gravitational wave, despite false claims by others. Even Einstein and Eddington voiced their doubts in the 1930's. Below is my post  to several FaceBook groups.

Many are told LIGO's claims are an advancement of science, with no dissenting voice.

Because all of LIGO's claims are false, proper science has been derailed. With the substantial damage already done by accepting LIGO, it will take substantial effort to return physics to its proper course.

Some sciences are losing credibility with the public. In the particular case of LIGO, any mistrust is justified when the entire project offers no contribution to science, other than being a new benchmark for a complete failure for science, when no one took action to avert the disaster. After Sabine's start, many are learning about LIGO's deception.

I emailed the NSF transparency office on 11/23/2019, with my predictions having confirmation, a short history of GW detections, and my conclusion that LIGO is not detecting what it claims. I noticed no public reaction from NSF or LIGO, though LIGO deleted from its Facebook page all the Nov. and Dec. 2019 posts which had my comments having my predictions and confirmations.

With this message, I will see if the House Committee on Science, Space & Technology can take action on LIGO and NSF from a position of oversight.

This post from May has my description of the legacy of LIGO, when outrageous claims lacking evidence were accepted by the scientific community. The post ends with a link to my pdf which details the history of LIGO.

<I deleted my contact info in the message from this post >

I am an electrical engineer who retired in November, 2016.

(End of Nov 11, 2021 message)

I did not know a reasonable time, for a response of any kind.

After no response from this committee, on December 9,  2021, I self-published a book, Predicting Gravitational Wave Detections, revealing the truth behind LIGO. I used KDP, so it is conveniently available to everyone using Amazon.

Since I hope to prevent further damage to the progress of science, I am sending this message again, to make sure this committee will consider my complaint about the NSF negligent management of expensive research projects, like LIGO.

Since this House committee is probably the only entity which can have an effect on the NSF and its projects,  a message like this is the only way to bring my concern as a citizen to someone who can change this ongoing damage to science. Science is humanity's accumulation of knowledge about how nature works. With LIGO, we are adding bad data and bad conclusions. This terrible diversion cannot be a good contribution.

It will take many years of effort to reverse the wrong course set by accepting LIGO for 6+ years, since 2015.

The first step in a course correction is the public repudiation of LIGO and its mistakes.

If I get no response in a month, then I must conclude this message, like the earlier messages, is not making its way to the committee which generates a response to a citizen's report.

Perhaps, I should be more assertive by providing more details than earlier.

When the LIGO operator turned on the system on a Monday in September, 2015 after everything was off for the weekend, The system reported LIGO's first ever detection almost immediately. This was an extreme surprise when the rare events being sought might occur many months or probably years apart. They ere excited because this was the first time the system and ever detected anything. They never tested this system with a real event to verify anything.
With the first event, they had to fabricate a plausible story. Time should be taken to thoroughly review the system, like comparing the results with the actual event, if it could be identified. Instead of a total system review after its first detection, they quickly proclaimed a double black hole merger. LIGO admits such an event cannot have any verifiable evidence, so it was impossible for LIGO to verify its own claim, nor could anyone else verify anything LIGO said.

This not science, this is deception, and should be stopped and the deceivers held accountable.

On the day before this first detection, there was a New Moon. Their system reacts to any ripple in the crust. They made the design mistake assuming only an invisible gravitational wave could stress the Earth at multiple locations. Perhaps, they know nothing of ocean tides. These are global.

One month later, LIGO reported their second detection which was also claimed to be a double black hole merger, exactly on the day of the next New Moon. Again, verification was impossible.

The third detection by LIGO seems similar to the first. This claimed detection of a double black hole merger was on 2015-12-26, one day after the Full Moon on 2015-12-25. Perhaps, LIGO was disabled for the Christmas holiday, and the detection arrived when the system was enabled after the staff returned to work.

LIGO was apparently disabled in 2016, with no detections.

The fourth detection was also a double black hole merger, but on 2017-01-04. This is exactly the day of the perihelion, when the Earth is closest to the Sun, in our annual orbit. LIGO had no evidence of its claimed merger.
The unverified claims by LIGO continue, with no one requesting LIGO to provide evidence for anything being claimed. The pattern with LIGO reacting to predictable lunar and solar events is never questioned.

Perhaps, my motivation comes from knowing during my long career, I would be fired immediately if I made spurious claims always lacking evidence. Companies need to prevent a tarnished reputation, which can be difficult to restore.
I notified NSF in December 2019 of LIGO's decption. My email was quickly acknowledged, so I know it was read, but I noticed no public announcement of LIGO's deception. I noticed only that LIGO changed its history in the months of my comments to their posts on Facebook. Perhaps, these actions were just a coincidence, but the timing looks like a cover-up. I cannot know whether NSF notified LIGO of my revelation, so LIGO reacted.

Thank you for considering my citizen concern about NSF mismanagement of LIGO.

David Michalets

(my contact information is unchanged from the previous message; it was also entered into the form with this message)

(end 1/1/2022 message)

the rest is just this post.
My local college University of Wisconsin Milwaukee has faculty and students working on NANOGrav. I did not attend UWM.

UWM has an interview on their web site about this program. The young lady, when asked, says she is committed to this important program for the rest of her career.

As a parent, I would want my child to change out of a career mistake, as soon as it is certain, before too much time has been wasted.

However, I could be mistaken about NANOGrav, though unlikely, so I have not told UWM about the mistake they made with this offering, which is detrimental to students in that wrong branch of physics.

The consequences of the naive acceptance of LIGO will linger for a very long time.

This House committee having oversight of the NSF appears unwlling or unable to help a recovery.

date posted 01/04/2022