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Update on Taking LIGO to the House

this exercise began on November 11, 2021.

I posted about that message.

I sent a second message on December 11, 2021. After 1 month, I still had no response.

I sent a third message on January 1,2022 to awaken the staff on New Year's day.

Here is my latest news for those interested. If you are not, then don't read further.

My district in Wisconsin has a representative in the US House of Representatives, but he is not on the committee for Space, Science, Technology which has oversight for NSF.

He has staff both in an office here in Wisconsin, and in Washington, DC.

I was able to talk to 2 staff members here in Wisconsin. The first person actually called for my sister but I answered the phone, not knowing the caller. I did not miss the chance opportunity. I explained my concern with the House committee of SST. I was given an email address to another in WI, so I could send a copy of my messages that I had sent to the House committee.
The one in WI that I talked with gave me the number of a staff mermber in DC. We talked about my concern. I told the one in DC  the name of the one in WI who got my copy of my messages to the committee.

In the afternoon of January 14, I was told by email from the one in DC:

" the Space, Science, and Tech Committee has confirmed that they received your complaint messages and they're reviewing them currently. They weren't able to provide additional feedback at this time."

In my email response, I also provided my opinion, in 1 sentence.

If nothing else, I hoped the committee realizes from my messages that in physics, the "science is not settled."

I don't know who are the scientific advisors to this committee or the NSF.

I sincerely doubt that my poking the House to poke NSF to poke LIGO will result in anything positive, from any of the players in this game, especially after the $1 billion was spent.

I cannot expect this committee will take an action to disturb its advisors.

However, my case was not closed, so I can maintain some hope for a notable response. I am optimistic by nature.

Despite the minimal news from DC, I enjoyed a good laugh with my family.

If I could get a surprise of a slight 0.01% reward for reporting the $1 billion mistake, then my entire extended family and friends would be very happy.
date posted 01/16/2022