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Simple Dualistic Universe

Over the past century, the universe gets more complicated with each new theory.

Certainly, our technology has advanced so many are worthwhile.

Unfortunately, some theories resulted in a misunderstanding of the accumulated evidence, dating back 4 centuries to the time of Galileo (1564-1642).
He is called the father of the scientific method and modern science.

Unfortunately, contemporary science no longer follows the scientific method. The word "modern" seems almost inappropriate now.

Actually, the universe has a very simple, dualistic foundation.
It is based on only 2 simple particles, the electron and proton.
Both particles have mass and charge. They have opposing charges, and the proton has much more mass (1836x).

2 masses attract each other by the force of gravity.

2 charges interact with each other by the electric force, where like charges repel, while opposing charges attract.

The force of gravity is much weaker than the electric force. by 10^-39.

Both forces act instantaneously , but diminish by the inverse-square of the mutual distance.

These 2 fundamental particles make up everything in the universe.

These 2 fundamental forces affect all motion in the universe.

While at the bottom level of the universe, every proton and every electron is interacting with every other proton and electron, by both the attraction of gravity, and the bipolar electric force.

Despite the possible chaos of 2 disparate, simultaneous forces being active everywhere within everything, there are structures preventing chaos.

Combinations of the 2 particles create atoms by the electric force with protons within a nucleus and electrons orbiting around it.

An atom is neutral having the same number of protons and electrons. Some electrons can bind to a proton in the nucleus, forming a neutron.

Specific combinations in an atom define the elements in the periodic table for chemistry.

Atoms form bonds to form molecules. When free to move, they are instate of matter called a gas.

As their random motion declines, the matter condenses into a liquid. When its molecular motion further declines and stops, a solid results.

Any object of matter has a mass value which can be calculated.

This value is from adding the mass of all the electrons and protons in the object, regardless of their distribution.

As noted above, the force of gravity exists between 2 masses, though diminishing by inverse-square of distance,

This object is subject to gravity with other objects.
Gravity remains an active force betwen all the protons and electrons in the separate objects.This force diminishes by inverse-square of the mutual distance.

Matter is every object we can see and measure (like its size) in the universe. Matter consists of atoms in many combinations.

The charge of any object of matter depends on its number of protons and electrons, regardless of their distribution.
When a neutral atom loses 1 or more electrons, it is called an ion, and becomes charged matter.

Charged matter is also called plasma. Plasma physics describes the unique behaviors of plasma which result from the forces of electromagnetism.

A moving charged particle gets a force from a magnetic field when present at that instant.

Much of the universe is plasma, so plasma physics is important in cosmology.

I titled the post dualistic because there are 2 particles having 2 properties (mass and charge), having opposing polarities of the 2 signs. There are 2 forces acting on either of those properties. Gravity acts on mass, while electric acts on charge.

Collapse is not inevitable, because the universe follows certain observed principles, like thermodynamics and the conservation of energy.

The link below is my theory of Mass and Gravity presented in a series of web pages. To read my theory, one needs only the link and a browser. The first page has the table of contents enabling one to read the sections in any order.

Mass and Gravity

posted 03/22/2022

my comment to my post 1 day later:

I should have titled the post Simplified Dualistic Universe

Its main goal was gravity.

At the end, I mentioned plasma physics. The post needs a sequel.

Gravity is much weaker than electromagnetism.

I consider gravity as a background force whose effect is easily overcome by electromagnetism.

Both Magellanic clouds are moving sideways to our view. Gravity can't do that.

A tangential motion suggests a Lorentz force from a magnetic field.

Both our Milky Way and M31 Andromeda galaxy have magnetic fields.

Because all galaxies have their velocity measured wrong,  M31 is claimed to be on a collision course with our galaxy. The justification for the motion is gravity.

Not only is the motion unjustified, but gravity at that distance will be irrelevant.

If there is any interaction between them at over 2 million light-years,  it will be by electromagnetism, not by weak gravity.

Silly, sensational news stories can describe gravity from one galaxy ripping apart another galaxy.

That scenario is complete nonsense and impossible.

This group is about EU cosmology, which recognizes the importance of electromagnetism over gravity..

This post should not be seen as a diversion from that.

TBP recently posted about a new mechanism of gravity called electro-gravity, and the meaning of mass.

My post is a limited response to the many issues in the TBP story of electro-gravity.