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Puzzle-Solving in the EU Cosmology

 for the Paradigm Shift
from the Big Bang Cosmology

Thunderbolts Project recently posted to YouTube a video titled:

Ghada Chehade: Revolutionary Cosmology | Thunderbolts

The narrator describes the important terminology will change  with a paradigm shift in a science.

She also says the problem-solving phase in a Kuhn cycle includes changes to a model without changing the model's fundamental assumptions.

These are the terminology changes in terminology that I see,

Though I am not part of the Thunderbolts Project, I propose some changes to improve its breadth, as a better colmology to replace the big bang cosmology, which is in crisis and a scientific revoloution is required to replace it.

It is difficult to maintain 3 columns in a post of just text.

Here are terms used in 3 cosmologies, for a related behavior..

Not used means this term is not used in this cosmology

Column 1 is Big Bang Cosmology.

Column 2 is EU Cosmology.

Column 3 has my few recommended changes to the EU cosmology.

Big Bang Cosmology   EU Cosmology                My  change to EU, if any

1. Big bang                  Not used                            Not used

2. Relativity               Not used (by Crothers)
                                                                       2. Not used (by my explanation)

Relativity brought many terms to cosmology, like black hole.

3. Photon               3. probably not used (not explicit)              3. Not used

4. Redshift           4.  used by Arp's theory                 4. Not used

5. Dark Energy      5.  Not used                         5.  Not used
6. Dark Matter      6.  Not used                          6.  Not used

7. Gaseous Sun    7.  Arc discharge in SAFIRE (by Juergens)

                                                              7. condensed matter Sun by Robitaille

8. Newton's gravity  8. Electro-gravity                  8.  My theory of gravity

9. other terms    9. often plasma terminology        9. same as EU

Summary and references

I disagree with EU on only items 4, 7, 8. These are only  3 from the total of 9. Link to each reference for my alternative is below.

These are my itemized alternatives for certain cosmology items.

2. My free on-line book covered the many impacts of both papers published in 1905 by Einstein.

Einstein's Mistakes with Forces and Light

I don't know the Stephen Crothers view on this wider scope, beyond just relativity (which he covered extensively.

3. My book for item 2. (which included both the photoelectric effect and relativity) also covered the non-existent photon.

4. My free on-line book explained why all redshifts and blueshifts are wrong. Both words and their values are worthless.

Distant Spectral Shifts

6. Robitaille explains all solar observations, including its thermal spectrum.

The electric sun model defined by Juergens explained only activity above the photosphere.

Robitaille explained all the measured layers, from a solid slowly rotating core, to the photosphere of condensed matter, as liquid metallic hydrogen, to the corona.

I should mention his explanation of the solar corona justified Dr. Dowdye's explanation of light bending in the corona during the infamous 1919 Eddington Experiment during a total eclipse of the Sun.

Robitaille explained the solar spectrum, which has the form of black-body radiation. The spectrum in this form is how we classify each star, by its surface temperature.

The SAFIRE experiment could not explain the thermal spectrum of the Sun or all other stars.

There are many other important solar features were missed by the limited scope of SAFIRE.

7. My free on-line book described the mechanism for both the force of gravity and the electric force, within one theory, with both as disparate, instantaneous forces.

Mass and Gravity

My explanation of gravity has no consequences for physics or cosmology.

The only impact is the definition of the electron and proton.

Electro-gravity results in hollow, not solid, bodies. The Sun is not hollow, so this theory cannot be valid.

date posted  04/07/2022