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Meteoroid Mistakes

khatyrka  Is Haunted by Wrong Theories

When a theory is proven to be wrong by conflicting evidence, it must be removed from future consideration.

Otherwise, subsequent observations can result in wrong conclusions.

This is a story of an unusual rock, found on a mountain in Siberia in 2011.

This rock was named Khatyrka, and is believed to be a meteorite having clues of our solar system.

Here is the story from Newsweek.

Experts Studying Meteorite Find Stunning Object Hidden Inside

I can offer a few observations, for you to consider in conjunction with the story, that I assume you just read, above.

The story has an image titled Impact Crater.

Though it is not identified, the roads around its rim suggest this is Barrington Crater in Arizona.

I recall there had been stories, that were on-line, stating that an extensive search for the very large mass expected at the bottom of the crater failed to find one. I failed to find those stories today.

Now, references say the impactor was vaporized.

It is important to realize that not all craters are from an impact.

3 years ago, I posted about round craters. At that time, I did not include a link to every reference in a post.

That earlier post is relevant to this story's references to Impact Crater.

There are far too many round craters in our solar system which could not be formed only by an impact, which had to be perfectly perpendicular to get the circular rim, while  the rest of the crater and its surroundings fail to conform.  Barrington is not perfectly round, so it requires ad hoc excuses.

I will continue with the Newsweek story.

When an unusual rock like Khatyrka is found, one quickly considers a meteorite, rather than considering an alternative, like a change in matter on Earth's surface.

An extreme electrical discharge event to the surface could cause transmutation.

The story reports that this stone which was found in "clay-like soil" but is too heavy for that composition.

After inspecting the rock's interior, its composition was definitely not clay, but was transformed into other components.

I suggest transmutation altered the original elements during a strong electric discharge to these high mountains in Siberia. That process adds nucleons to the atoms and increases their mass and properties, like becoming a crystal.

The story includes a ridiculous, unjustified conclusion.

"They were looking at a new mineral that was not from this planet! The crystals were created in the high-pressure environment of outer space."

My response is "There is zero pressure in outer space!"

That "high-pressure" is such nonsense, it reveals a scientist who is unable to provide a useful explanation for something which is beyond his expertise.

Meteor craters being formed by only symmetrical explosions is a disproved theory but it haunts new findings, so unusual, melted rocks have a meteorite as the only explanation.

Scientists  need to get past old, disproved theories.

For those seeking to learn more of the cataclysmic events on Earth's surface, and to see a bigger picture when considering craters on Earth, I recommend taking the time to watch the series of YouTube videos by Robert Burke in his Cataclysm series.

Cataclysm 12 is about Wisconsin, my home state.

Facebook highlights the last link in a post, so I will repeat the first link at the end.

date posted  04/22/2022