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IEinstein's Problems with the Photoelectric Effect


In 1905, Albert Einstein published what I will call the Photoelectric Effect Paper, or PEP.

Its title in English is:

On a Heuristic Viewpoint Concerning the Production and Transformation of Light

Many months ago,I watched a YouTube video about relativity. I don't remember who or video title. Those details aren't important, just what he said, since I expect others could say the same.

The person doing the video suggested this paper (PEP) was just the work of Max Planck, but Planck never published it. He said Einstein took the opportunity and published it.

I don't know if anything he said is true. Right now, it doesn't matter.

I decided to investigate the contents of PEP, not who wrote it..

My research included whether  the important (to QM) photon and the more important Planck's equation are correct.

Somehow, I missed that the Planck Relation, or E=hf, is now called the Planck-Einstein relation,
at least in Wikipedia.

As a result, I put Einsetin the title, not Planck. Nothing changed in the content.
The attachment is a reference work, or a little book. This is just a long web page.It's not long enough for a book, at about 5 pages, unless I add just less worthy filler.

If you read the attachment, you will discover that there at least 2 problems in PEP.

Einstein's Photoelectric Photon Problems

date posted 05/17/2022