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Main 8th in progress

I have an 8th main topic in development but there is just not enough data found online to provide a complete conjecture, yet.

8) link Sphere of Stars Conjecture
(01/10/2020 - updated 04/14/2020)

Item 8) is a conjecture on the behaviors of a sphere of stars which includes a globular cluster and elliptical galaxy. These spheres of their different sizes are not fully explained in cosmology. The lack of observational data for these distant objects results in a conjecture awaiting more data.

As more data are revealed this conjecture will be updated.
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Item (8) applies to both cosmologies PC and EU because PC has many unknowns in its descriptions simply because gravity alone fails, and to EU because these spheres are not critical to making the case against PC so this becomes a possible EU explanation if there is no other.