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Cosmology Crisis Cleared  References

References for Cosmology Crisis Cleared edition dated November 27, 2021

The paperback has several references to Internet pages.

It is impractical to provide the complete URL for each reference in a paperback.

A web page enables a clickable link to a reference.

Here are the page numbers and each reference.

Sometimes, a single page can have more than one reference.

Each line begins with a link showing the page number and its target, which is either

a typical web page (URL) in html format, or

a pdf file, or
a YouTube (YT) video URL, or
a zip compressed file

Page numbers are in the paper back edition.

4-url - The Hubble constant, explained

4-url - Georges LemaƮtre

4-url -  Hubble–LemaĆ®tre law

15-url - A Crisis in Cosmology – Measurements of Hubble Constant Disagree

16-url - Why is there a 'crisis' in cosmology?

17-url - Wikipedia

24-url - NED link for any galaxy, enter it at NED's prompt

The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) is funded by the National
Aeronautics and Space Administration and operated by the California Institute of

36-zip -


38-url - Z-Constellations.pdf


41-url - Synchrotron radiation

43-url - emissivity

43-url - thermal radiation

45-url - Sun

47-url - Fraunhofer Lines

48-url - Lyman-alpha line

49-url- neutral hydrogen line

50-url - NIST element data with carbon already selected

select Element Name tab to select another element in NIST database..

51-url - Doppler effect

59-url - Arp's Misleading Quasar Sample

 internal 2020-05-20-AMQS

67-url -  Cosmological Red Shift

69-pdf - Forty Lines of Evidence for Condensed Matter -  The Sun on Trial: Liquid Metallic Hydrogen as a Solar Building Block

69-YT - What is the Sun made of?

69-YT - Sky Scholar channel

Sky Scholar has more videos about the Sun and stars.

73-url - Cepheid

74-url - RR Lyrae

76-url - The Radial Velocity Measure of nearby galaxies

80-url - Galaxy morphological classification

81-url - Seyfert Galaxy

86-url - Lyman Alpha Emitter Galaxy

201-url- LINER galaxy

201-YT - Wal Thornhill: Black Hole or Plasmoid?

202-url - typical quasar

205-url - cosmic distance ladder

213-pdf - Measuring the Redshift of M104 – The Sombrero Galaxy

223-url - SDSS Photometric Redshifts

223-url -  Wikipedia Photometric Redshift

224-url - Tully-Fisher Relation

226-url - M31 rotation curve

226-url - M31s Odd Rotation Curve

226-url - Twisted magnetic field in galaxy IC 342

229-url - Faber-Jackson Relation

230-url - velocity dispersion

233-url - Horizontal Branch

235-url - Tip of the red-giant branch

235-url- Red Clump

238-url- Luminosity Distance

240-url - Planetary nebula luminosity function

241-url- Globular cluster luminosity function as distance indicator

242-url - Surface brightness fluctuation

244-url - CMD

246-url - Hubble's law

247-url - Vesto Slipher

248-url - How Hubble Found Distances


250-url - z= 9-10 Galaxy candidates yet found: The Luminosity Function, Cosmic Star-Formation Rate, And The First Mass Density Estimate At 500 Myr

253-url - magellanic couds

253-url - CfA reveals Magellanic Clouds are first-time visitors

260-url - HOLiCOW! Astronomers measuring the expansion of the universe confirm that we still don't understand everything

267-url - History of the Big Bang theory

267-url - CMB

267-YT- The Big Bang & Microwave Background - The Early Years

Sky Scholar has more CMB videos

Each video by Robitaille includes his academic papers on that topic.

270-url - my earlier books

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