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Books by David Michalets

David Michalets self-published several books. Some were written with Kindle Direct Publishing, KDP.  KDP enables the book to be distributed by Amazon in both the 6x9 paperback format or as a Kindle download. Only Amazon can distribute a book or pdf from KDP for their Kindle. After the initial 7 paperbacks, several subsequent books were written in Word and output in pdf format, enabling their free distribution from this site; the pdf has no paperback.

The progression of publication is:
1-7   are paperback books published using KDP; the others are a mix of a book and a free PDF.
Total of 10 paperbacks and 4 as PDF.

The last 4 publications, 15 to 18, are books as  a series of web pages, which is a format having links but where needed, so this format has no separate file for references.

Therefore, the word book in the title of this page is a publication by me in the primary format of either a paperback, web-book,  or a PDF.  Each paperback is also in Kindle download format.

This page hosts 3 items for each book or publication:

1) its revision history,

2) its description and distribution,

3) link to its references page, with links for each on-line reference in the publication..

The last page in each book or pdf directs the reader to this web page to get the links to references in that publication.

In the revision history,    Dates are MM/DD/YYYY.
 n/c is no change later..

The first 10 paperbacks are available from Amazon, using its distribution link, in either 6x9 paperback or Kindle download.

Each free pdf is available from its post which was submitted to 1 or more groups.  Each free file does not have a book available for purchase. 2 of the PDF files were subsequently enhanced and published as books.

The free web-books are available from this page.

Go the the end of the books, to scroll up to the last book, or earlier

Book or PDF Edition

Observing Our Universe                  Date of Errata  Book 1 OOU Details

July 17, 2020  References

July 30, 2020  References    Errata  none

Cosmology Transition                     Date of Errata  Book 2 CT Details

July 30, 2020  References    Errata none

Cosmology Connections                     Date of Errata  Book 3 CC Details

Sept. 17, 2020  References     Errata-pdf 09/19/2020

Redefining Gravity                     Date of Errata  Book 4 RG Details

Oct. 13, 2020 References       Errata-pdf  12/02/2020

Practical Particle Physics          Date of Errata  Book 5 PPP Details

Dec. 3, 2020 References     Errata  none

Dec. 26, 2020 References      Errata-pdf  01/19/2021

Practical Atomic Model          Date of Errata  Book 6 PAM Details

February 10, 2021 References     Errata  none

Measuring Galaxies          Date of Errata  Book 7 MG Details

April 12, 2021 References     Errata  none

LIGO Legacy
          Date of Errata Publication 8  PDF 1 Post & Detals

May 12, 2021 References     Errata  none

PDF 8 was enhanced for new title and published as book 8, but original remains available

Return to Classical Physics          Date of Errata Publication 9  PDF 2 Post & Details

May 15, 2021 References     revised PDF 07/25/2021

Real Celestial Arcs Not From a Lens
 Date of Publication 10  PDF 3 Post & Details

June 15,2021 References are in GLI     Errata  none

PDF 3 has been superseded by book 10,  so PDF 3 is obsolete, but remains available; its references are some of those in book 10.

Atomic Mass Defect Alternative        Publication 11  PDF 4 Post & Detail

October 11, 2021 References on 03/16/2022    Errata  none

PDF 4 began with excerpt from book 5, with changes for a new narrative, so PDF 4 was created to share a file,  not a book, with a Facebook group.  AMD is mostly an excerpt of PPP.

Predicting Gravitational Wave Detections Publication 12  or book 8

 Book 8  Post & Details

October 21, 2021 References     Errata  none

Cosmology Crisis Cleared Date of  Publication 13 or book 9

Book 9 Post & Details

November 26, 2021
References     Errata  none

Gravitational Lens Illusions
  Date of Publication 14 or book 10
 Book 10  Post & Details

December 6, 2021 References     Errata  none

Book 10 began with excerpts from pdf 3, including important additions and changes for the new narrative.  This book 10  supersedes PDF 3.

Distant Sectral Shift
Date of Publication 15 or Web-book 1
January 14, 2022   Errata  none

Web-Book-1 Post & Details

Einstein's Mistakes
Date of Publication 16 or Web-book 2
With Gravity and Light

January 25, 2022   Errata  none

Web-Book-2 Post & Details

Mass and Gravity Date of Publication 17 or Web-book 3

March 21, 2022   Errata  none

Web-Book-3 Post & Details

Detecting Neutrinos Date of Publication 18 or Web-book 4

April 4, 2022   Errata  none

Web-Book-4 Post & Details

About all paperback books:

Note: the references should not change between editions of the same title

A new paperback edition  integrates the errata for the previous edition.

For the curious, here are the page counts of each publication:

book 1  OOU = 222 PB
book 2  CT = 230 PB

book 3  CC = 288 PB

book 4  RG = 248 PB

book 5  PPP = 312 PB

book 6  PAM = 306 PB
book 7  MG = 318 PB

Pub 8 L. l. = 80 PDF

Pub 9 RCP = 196 PDF

Pub 10 RCA = 83 PDF

Pub 11 AMD =81 PDF

Pub 12 PGWD = 133 PB book 8

Pub 13 CC-C=276 PB book 9

Pub 14 GLI = 110 PB book 10

Pub 15 Spectral Shifts Web book 1 has 19 web pages

Pub 16 Einstein's Mistakess Web book 2 has 13 web pages

Pub 17 Mass and Gravity Web book 3 has 12 web pages

Pub 18 Detecting Neutrinos web-book 4 has 14 web pages

Pub 19 Review Cosmos without Gravitation web-book 5 has 7 web pages

Pub 20 Review Einstein's 1920 Book on Relativity web-book 6 has 35 web pages

Pub 21 Progress of Metaphysics web-book7 has 10 web pages

For each paperback book: its references and its distribution:

Book 1 OOU References

Book 1 OOU Description and Distribution through Amazon:

 Book 1 OOU Details

Book 2 CT References

Book 2 CT Description and Distribution through Amazon:

Book 2 CT Details

Book 3 CC References

Book 3 CC Description and Distribution through Amazon:

Book 3 CC Details

Book 4 RG References

Book 4 RG Description and Distribution through Amazon:

Book 4 RG Details

Book 5 PPP References

Book 5 PPP Description and Distribution through Amazon:

Book 5 PPP Details

Book 6 PAM References

Book 6 PAM Description and Distribution through Amazon:

Book 6 PAM Details

Book 7 MG References

Book 7 MG Description and Distribution

Through Amazon:

Book 7 MG Details

After pub 8 or PDF 1,  several subsequent books are in pdf for free distribution, 13, 15, & 16 are books

PDF 1 LL References

pdf 1 LL Description and Distribution

Post with pdf 1

PDF 2 or pub 9 RCP References

PDF 3 or pub 9 RCP Description and Distribution

Post with pdf 2

PDF 3 or pub 10 RCA References

PDF 10 RCA Description and Distribution

Post with pdf 3

PDF 4 RCP References

PDF 4 RCP Description and Distribution

Post with pdf 4

PDF 5 AMD References

PDF 5 AMD Description and Distribution

Post with pdf 5

Book 8 or publication 13 Predicting Gravitational Wave Detections 


Post with book 8

Book 9 Cosmology Crisis Cleared 11/27/2021  References

book 9 Cosmology Crisis Cleared Description and Distribution through Amazon:

Book 9 Post & Details

Book 10 Gravitational Lens Illusions 12/06/2021  References

Book 10 Gravitational Lens Illusions Description and Distribution through Amazon:

 Book 10  Post & Details

Web Books

Following books were written as a free series of web pages.
 The first web page is the table of contents for the series.

The main reasons for this new format are:

1) free to anyone having access to Internet,

2) the view of an Image in a black&white book cannot be changed by the reader.

3)  in this format, an image  from a link,  possibly in color, can be zoomed as needed by the reader.

This should be more efficient for the user's platform, when an image is processed only after a click on a link.

PDF is an alternative format to a book, where images can be embedded,  resulting in a file having a high byte count.  PDF is distributed as an email attachment, or by link to its URL.

This is the First web-book, or publication 15:

Distant Spectral Shifts

its last change 01/14/2022

This first web-book is based on Book 9,  Cosmology Crisis Cleared, with minor enhancements

Next is  web-book 2 or publication 16..

Einstein's Mistakess
With Gravity and Light

its last change 01/25/2022

Several books mentioned relativity and gravity, but this free web-book brings all points together, along with new content.

Next is  web-book 3 or publication 17.

Mass and Gravity

its last change 03/22/2022

Next is  web-book 4 or publication 18..

Detecting Neutrinos

its last change 04/04/2022

Web book 4 Post and link

Next is  web-book 5 or publication 19.

Review of Cosmos Without Gravitation
from Today's Context

its last change 04/22/2022

Web book 5 Post and link

Next is  web-book 6 or publication 20

Review of Einstein's 1920 Book on Relativity

its last change 05/07/2022

Web book 6 Post and link

Next is  web-book 7 or publication 21

Progress of Metaphysics

its last change 05/28/2022

Web book 7 Post and link

From these 21 publications, these are my contributions to physics.

page created July, 2021
last change 05/28/2022

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