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Gravitational Lens Illusions References

 in the edition dated December 6, 2021

The book has several references to Internet pages.

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Page numbers are in the paperback edition.

10-YT - Why is the speed of light what it is? Maxwell equations visualized

10-url -  Maxwell's equations:

13-url - Superluminal motion

13-url - 3C 273

16-url - Prism

18-url- Plasma and Plasma Physics

18-url - Birkeland current

19-url - Double Layer

19-url - Plasma Pinch

21-url - Plasmoid

22-url - Magnetohydrodynamics

22-url - Electromagnetic induction

23-url - Electric discharge in gases

23-url -  Townsend discharge

25-url - Marklund Convection

26-url - Ion debris around M31
internal post

30-url -  Magnetosphere of Jupiter

33-url - Gravitational Lens

33-url - only its image

34-url - Isaac Newton

38-url - Light bending by curvature

43-url - Eddington experiment

44-url - Refraction

45-url - Johann Georg von Soldner

47-YT - Stars BEND LIGHT? General Relativity and Gravity with Dr. Edward Dowdye!

47-url - Why are the Einstein Rings not seen in the star-filled skies?

52-url - Hoag's Object's_Object

52-url - only its image

53-url - Cartwheel galaxy

53-url - only its image

53-url- NASA - Cartwheel Galaxy Makes Waves in New NASA Image

53-url - More Images of Cartwheel Galaxy

54-url - RX J1131-1231

54-url - only its image

52-YT - Thornhill: Black Hole or Plasmoid?

57-url - AM 0644-741

57-url - only its image

59-url - Gravity lens reveals dwarf dark galaxy

59-url - only its image

55-YT - Wal Thornhill: Black Hole or Plasmoid?

61-url - Abell 370

61-url - only its image

62-url - Abell 383

62-url - only its image

63-url- Abell 1413

63-url - only its image

64-url - Abell 1689

64-url - only its image

66-url - Abell 1835

66-url - only its image

67-url - Abell 2218

67-url - only its image

69-url - Abell 2667

69-url - only its image

71-url - Abell S1063

71-url - only its image

72-url - Cheshire Cat cluster

72-url - More Images of Cheshire Cat

67-url - only its image

76-url - RCS2 032727-132623 news release

76-url - RCS2 032727-132623 again

76-url - RCS2 032727-132623 third

76-url - scale also on image

78-url - Hubble Telescope Discovers a Light-Bending 'Einstein Ring' in Space

78-url -  Hubble Finds an Einstein Ring

78-url - only its image

78-url- only its image SDSS J0146-0929

81-url - NASA's Hubble Spots Embryonic Galaxy SPT0615-JD

NASA's Hubble Spots Embryonic Galaxy SPT0615-JD

81-url - only its image

84-url - CLASS

84-url -  Searching for lenses

87-url - microlensing

88-url - Important Fundamentals of Mathematical Physics Have Been Found to be Misapplied to Concepts of Gravitational Lensing

88-url - my books

My books

91-url - Abell 2744

91-url - only its image

91-url - another image

93-url - Galaxy Cluster Abell 2744 from Hubble

93-url - only the image

94-url - Frontier Fields

96-url - CLASS B1152+199 and B1359+154: Two New Gravitational Lens Systems Discovered in the Cosmic Lens All-Sky Survey

98-url - 1608+656: A Quadruple-Lens System Found in the CLASS Gravitational Lens Survey

100-url - black hole

101-url - NASA image from 2019 was purged, now missing

106-url - event horizon

106-url - Stephen Crothers

108-url - My set of books as either a paperback or pdf

My books

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