Cosmology Views

Research for more Views About Cosmology

These are my references from research to support the views:

3 Spheres of astronomical data

I perceive 3 spheres of astronomical data (solar system, Milky Way, observable universe); the next 5 documents are my compilations of some data for those spheres:

Constellations-pdf - for reference: constellation name, abbreviation, quadrant and  coordinates (pdf)

Note: Main item 7 recommends changes to all current galaxy data simply because all velocities are wrong as are most distances..
Galaxy Data-pdf Many galaxies by quadrant and constellation, with type, width, velocity, distance (pdf)

Galaxy Redshift Data-pdf  same data as file above but each galaxy with blue shift is highlighted (pdf)

Solar System Data-pdf Major bodies in solar system: planets, asteroids, comets, including moons and rings with each radius, orbit axis and period; sorted by axis in AU (pdf)

Solar System Data-K3-pdf Same solar system data as above with extra column for Kepler 3rd law verification (pdf)

Exoplanet Data-K3 Exoplanet data with each orbit axis and period with a column for Kepler's 3rd law verification (pdf)

Next pdf became the post 6 below  where gravitational lens is claimed incorrectly for an electrical arc.

Collection of Rings and Distortions, With Images-pdf
(updated 10/02/2019)

Next pdf was linked from  a posted topic about a cosmology comparison.

Cosmology Comparison

Gravitational Wave Topics

After submitting to APS on 12/27/2019 my paper Detecting a Gravitational Wave (topic 3 of Main 7) and then submitting it to NSF also,  there is little point in continuing to track the false detections by LIGO.  LIGO is a sham.

The next 8 topics are my research topics for LIGO detections of gravitational waves; there were several posts also.

LIGO Events and Celestial Events
(05/10/2019,  updated 12/22/2019)

 LIGO Inspiral Events Confirmation
(09/16/2019, updated 12/22/2019)

LIGO Events and Earth Tide Ripples
(08/20/2019, updated 12/22/2019)

LIGO Event Trigger Timing
(updated 12/22/2019)

LIGO Gravitational Wave Candidate Event Database with Earth Tides

The  GW database topic contains links to the worksheets with the event data for analysis.

LIGO Detection 5-Day Rule

LIGO Detection Statistics

The above LIGO topics end with LIGO data through 2019.

Research Supporting Main 7

Here are 2 research topics about the IGM.
This research is hampered by the lack of published spectra for galaxies.

They support item 1 (Clarifying redshifts in the Main 7.

Research 1

Explaining the Intergalactic Medium - Part 1 - Hydrogen

Research 2

Explaining the Intergalactic Medium - Part 2 -Calcium

4) link-pdf Space-time in Cosmology

this space-time topic became Removing Relativity in Main 7.

Additional Research Topics

Possible 10th topic for the main suggestions, but this remains in development awaiting more spectrum data.

2 Cosmological Model Topics

link Age of the Universe

link Computational Cosmology - Lambda-CDM
(09/02/2019, 05/06/2020)

link  The Folly of Theoretical Physicists

link Trivial Standard Model

I also posted 6 substantial research efforts but these are not in the main 7 topics in this site.

post 1
01/19/2020 - Supernova Verification

post is detailed review of many supernova since 1680;  found none are ‘super’ bright supernova and so require verification

post 2
01/21/2020 - Accelerating Expansion of the Universe Is Based on Mistakes

post is a detailed analysis of the paper involved in 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics for dark energy using supernova but this analysis found many mistakes including redshift errors in several ways and all the claimed supernova were actually pulsating variable stars (none had a spike in luminosity from a supernova) which were also misused for a time dilation.

post 3
01/23/2020 - Plasma Planetary Nebula

post includes many PN images and descriptions to reveal their patterns.

post 4
01/24/2020 - Significant Stellar Variations in Brightness

post 5
04/26/2019 - Round Craters

post analyzes many craters in the solar system and concludes most are not from meteor impacts. There are subsequent posts about craters

post 6
10/02/2019 - Collection of Rings and Distortions, With Images

post has an extensive collection of images with description; they are explained as illusions from a gravitational lens but they are electrical phenomena so they are real.

Research material for personal use

Spectrum Trivia